Audi a6 2014 problem

The worst complaints are engine, brakes, and steering. Or write your own review. Our list of known complaints reported by owners can help you fix your Audi A6. With the BMW I had multiple problems at thi. Also, see repair breakdown by problem area and cost.

Reliability – Owner Reported Trouble Spots.

The owner comments describe problems respondents experienced with this vehicle. Sign in to make your opinion count. Hi guys, am back after long long time, may be after more than a year.

Everytime i was given assurances that the problems wont crop from now onwards. But the story is quite. Aand had been looking for one for ages previously i had a BMW series M sport tourer as a company car and the only feature that i liked was the xenon adaptive. Consumer Writes In Regards To A Loud Screeching Noise When Brakes Are Applied.

The Consumer Also Stated There Was Smoke Coming Out Of The Tail Pipe, And When She Parked The Vehicle In The Garage, Smoke Filled The Entire Garage.

Long ago (okay, about eight months), Audi debuted an ad during the NFL playoffs called Ahab. Audi AService Brakes, Hydraulic problems : 1. It showed a salty tow truck driver and his years of catches. Please note that it was a time that value buys did not come any . Join Date: Location: Hyderaba New Delhi. EDIT: Court orders Audi to repair the car . First, familiarize yourself with this helpful discussion threa in which Aowners advise a potential new-to-the-brand owner on some considerations as he debates buying a higher-mileage used A6.

Most owners report few issues , though they note that as a top-line luxury car, repairs and parts can . Rought transmission sepecially in the morning, problem not consistent, could the be a transmission problem ? Vi Bilägares Calle Carlquist är i Dresden och provkör den senaste varianten av Audi A6. Här är de första intrycken. I samtliga fall handlar det om att kamkedjan brustit i motorn på bensindrivna modeller av Audi Aoch A6.

Hon uppger att företaget är medvetet om problemen med kamkedjan på vissa modeller – och hävdar att de kunder som råkat ut för problem inte skött sina bilar ordentligt. Vi känner till att det finns ett . Three years ago, Audi launched a hybrid version of the A, and the company hinted strongly that it would be sold in the U. Safety Issues include all safety recalls for your product as well as safety complaints other users have filed. You may also find any relevant manufacturer communications or NHTSA investigation documents.