Audi a6 2009 problem

Offering wheel drive as standar this is a powerful vehicle that . Patom napisis kak proslo. Full Xenon, Led salon, Lumina de intimpinare, Curatare chimica, . After 50miles I traded in on original brakes. Pads only about worn or less. This was same problem in allroad. Audi ACproblem Safari Sielpia.

Fantastic car, but an engine management light came on a couple of weeks ago. Had that checked by an Audi specialist and the news is bad. They also said the turbo sounded noisy. The turbo in these is exotic so the unit itself is around £4k and . Rought transmission sepecially in the morning, problem not consistent, could the be a transmission problem ? Please note that it was a time that value buys did not come any . Habe vorhin eine längere Autobahn fahrt mit meinem audi hinter mich gebracht und hatte mit dem Getriebe Probleme und zwar : Als ich im Dauerlauf gefahren bin und Gas gegeben habe ist das auto Au. The first week I drove it to work it had an issue where the coolant tank overflowed.

Search Common Problems , Issues , Complaints, Defects and JD Power Rating. First on my laundry list of issues is my power locks. Whenever I try to lock or unlock my car using either the drivers side door lock or the FOB, the car does not lock. Are there any years to avoid? Or super common problems ? We were looking at Volvos!

That might be something to consider when purchasing a used A6. The white smoke was so much that we decided to go back home. We called Audi straight away and they .