Altair ibn la ahad

His leadership saw to the spread of the . Altaïr also shares the role of. Thank you for million views. Sometimes there is more to a person than meets the eyes, and Malik is going to find that out. The navigation does not support non-standard alphanumeric characters.

The corrected name version of Altair will.

Free Shipping for orders in Australia over $1AUD. His name means Birson of none. He was part of the Syrian branch of the assassins during the Third Crusade.

He had a sworshort blade,throwing knifes, and Hus badass hidden blade. He also was in AC Bloodlines,AC Hidden Crusades,and AC . He is depicted as an Arab man, blending in naturally with the rich oriental surroundings. However, when he speaks we hear an American accent.

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Powered by Invision Community. His relentless combat against the Templars will bring the Order of Assassins to the height of its glory, and remains to this day an inspiration to the greatest . Find and follow posts tagged altair ibn la ahad on Tumblr. This page requires a browser that supports WebGL. Click here to upgrade your browser. Grew up… in Syria to religious parents.

His mother died during childbirth and his father was executed soon after. Based on a wealth of artwork supplied by Ubisoft, the sculptors first produce a wax model. In collaboration with Ubisoft, this model is then refined through several stages to capture accurately every detail and angle from . During his tenure as Mentor, Alta. Along that same time line, his future ancestor, Desmond Miles, is kidnapped by a huge corporate conglomerate known as Abstergo Industries. I have to warn you guys there are spoilers to AC:Revelations so be warned!

Though I did edit the scenes to fit the story and. Sharp and pointy, just like a . See more product details . Altair Ibn la Ahad Tribute on Scratch by MRNOOBIEPUNK. All orders are custom made and most ship worldwide within hours.

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Altair was born into an Assassin family and achieved the rank of Master Assassin at twenty-five, the.